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Posted December 23, 2018 @ 4:36 pm

BREAKING NEWS – Corporate and Registered Agent Process Servers in Florida


A.C.E. Process Servers of Florida announced its entry into specializing in serving lawsuits, court papers and urgent demand letters and notifications to Florida corporations, corporate entities and registered agents. This Florida only service is mainly offered to attorneys and law office staff but is available to anyone seeking the services of a Licensed Private Process Server in Florida.


Corporations, corporate entities and registered agents in Florida are subject to specific laws, rules and procedures how and when legal process can be effected. The Process Servers who handle service of process for A.C.E., Inc. are adept at delivering notifications, demand letter and lawsuits to any and all entities in the State of Florida.

The first and only website with unlimited access to lists of the top Florida registered agents, corporate entities and corporations. 
Now you can go to, https://www.WeServeCorporations.com to confirm the correct spelling and accurate address information for the purposes of service of process in Florida.



One major interesting element of the A.C.E. corporate and registered agent service offerings is, you can use the website to search for and find the exact name and address of the top thirty registered agents and 1000’s of Florida corporations and the entities they represent. The search tool on this site is robust, current and the most comprehensive corporate and registered agent resource on the internet.

A.C.E. Process Servers engage in a wide range of process serving services for all types of Florida entities and registered agents on a statewide basis. Clients are provided the most advantageous and responsive services any Process Serving Service has to offer. For the benefit of our clients, here is a list of itemized features of the inner workings of A.C.E., Process of Florida and how they can benefit your law firm or business. We hope you become a client! Here’s what we offer:


•             Compliance guaranteed.

•             Auditing for accuracy.

•             Backlink reciprocity for existing law firms and attorneys.

•             Bar coding transactions when applicable.

•             Complaint free company with impeccable reputation.

•             Encryption of all files.

•             Fastidious with details and reporting.

•             Free motion and order affidavits in Florida

•             Free seminar breakfast for local Florida clients

•             Free storage of affidavits/proofs/returns and copies when needed.

•             No hassle or haggle fees.

•             One goal, one passion, excellent service philosophy

•             Oversee all services by management.

•             Programs for discounted and special fees

•             Promotion of your business through internet directory listings

•             Real Time status updates

•             Regulation and Total Compliance

•             Relationships and referrals

•             Skype and facetime communications

•             Virus free email


Unique Quotes from clients:

“Cheap they are not, Great at what they do, they are!”

“Cheaper is rarely better, you guys proved that!”

“ We didn't fret, after we met!”

“They - "Done it right." and Done - "did it right now!”

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
“Florida state - congratulate, amazing Process Servers!”

“Florida state - never late, always on time, saved our Asxx's many times”

“Florida state – one rate, Process Servers”

“Florida state, Best Rate, for our volume and bulk services!”

“Florida state, Best Success Rate, over producers!”

“Florida state, No Wait!, "Process Servers who are expeditious”

“Florida state, These Servers are Great, Florida's best!”


Trying to hire the best Florida Process Serving service in the State of Florida?Need your lawsuit served quickly? Look no more, you just found the solutiion!  We specialize in delivering time sensitive notifications, demand letters, subpoena's and lawsuits to Florida corporations, entities and registered agents. Call 888-702-0997 or email, contact@servepaper.com